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Whether you just want to chill to some music, organize a living room concert at the comfort of your home or explore some other areas such as the combination of music and meditation, healing work through sounds and going on a journey within, I am happy to create the space and ideal atmosphere for any of these experiences at your favorite location.

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Healing Sounds & Raising your Vibration

I’ve been exploring with intuitive healing through energy work and sounds from a very early age. I have the natural ability to channel energy through my hands in a similar way to Reiki practices. However, over the years I’ve also incorporated music into my healing work to assist people suffering from anxiety, depression or general confusion. Combining certain breathing techniques with specific sound frequencies as well as music that repeats in a loop, allowing your mind to quiet as you enter a state in which you can trigger and unleash your own power to heal yourself.

‘I believe music has the power to heal and raise awareness’

Giovanni Agostini