‘Mind Prison’ | Original Composition

Here’s a new composition I’ve titled “Mind Prison” and I dedicate it to everybody who suffers or has suffered from their minds turning against them, twisting your entire reality, creating confusion, self-doubt and anxiety. Whatever the reasons this may happen, there is always a way out and being open about it helps more than keeping it all to yourself. When I personally faced a stage like this in life, music was the only thing that quieted my mind and this is why I also believe that music heals. I encourage you to find something you love and turn it into your own therapy, but most importantly, remember that your mind only represents a tiny little bit of who you are and it isn’t the totality of yourself, therefore don’t give it more power than it needs, get back on your feet, look within, heal and open your eyes once again to the truth of who you are. You matter and you’re worthy! 👽🎶🎸

Regarding the song, I liked the idea of keeping it simple – four chords, two repetitive melodies, the reggae groove and trying my best to add layers to make it sound as if I’m using a loop station, there is indeed one loop of the main riff at some point in the song only to be able to solo over it but other than that it was all recorded live and I only used my headphones to be able to listen to the previously recorded loop for the solo.

Enjoy and thank you for watching! 😊🎶🎸


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