Isolation Night Sessions | Improvisation nº2

Hey guys! I want to share a story with you:

This whole quarantine situation has made tune into the power of music like never before. It took a while getting used to the new routine and all the changes but it’s also made me understand in a deeper level why I do music and why I want to share it. Beyond playing a bunch of notes or entertaining an audience my true calling has always been that in which people go into an inner experience through these sounds, in the same way that it happens to me. I call this experience ‘channeling sounds’ and it’s a state in which I feel that in a way I disappear and all that’s left is just life itself expressing through me, it’s not just me playing but something beyond words and concepts that takes place and I can only become one with it. The state that I’m describing happens for me mainly through improvisation and this is what I’ve been sharing during my livestreams, most of the loops and everything else is completely improvised in the moment and that is my way to tune into this higher consciousness that connects us all.

This video is a demonstration of what I’m doing during my livestreams, taking place every Thursday on Instagram (link below) at 10pm (UK/Irish time). I will possibly start doing them in other platforms too but for now Instagram is the one I’ve chosen to do so.

Feel free to join me if this resonates with you and let’s have an experience together in which you can also dive deep into yourself, reflect, let go of things holding you back and hopefully find new inspirations.

Enjoy! 🎸🎶🔥


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