Giovanni Agostini is a musician and composer from Venezuela, with Italian roots, based in Ireland.

He began studying guitar from the age of 14, was mainly self taught but also took private lessons for at least 2 years in the country. He started on the electric guitar, then studied classical guitar and in 2012 came to Dublin to complete his musical studies in jazz performance at Newpark Music Centre. Aside from the jazz program he discovered fingerstyle on acoustic guitar and started exploring and experimenting with the techniques, arranging songs and composing music within the style. After graduating in 2016 he has worked as a full-time musician playing gigs in and outside the country, busking and teaching guitar.

He released his first debut album ‘Days Ahead’ on March 11, 2019 and continues to work on new material, tabs, arrangements and compositions to share on the days ahead.

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Apart from his solo project he has done collaborations with several artists and currently composes and performs music with Headtrip Acoustic Project, which he formed with guitarist Zar Acoustic & percussionist Nik Martken in 2017. The group mixes fingerstyle techniques and minimal percussions with a wide range of influences and backgrounds creating a unique sound and style. In 2018 they released their first EP ‘The Rising’ followed by their most recent release of a single cover of Imagine by John Lennon. They also have plans of releasing their first album later in 2020.

Photo by Monique – Honest Content

Giovanni isn’t just a musician. From an early age he began his spiritual path when he realized he could naturally channel energy and has always been strongly connected to experiences that could be labeled as ‘paranormal’. He believes we all have infinite potential and our evolution is leading us to becoming more aware of ourselves beyond our physical reality. He has dedicated most of his life to studying and understanding more about the mysteries of the universe, spiritual growth, meditation, healing as well as discovering more of our own brain and how we can activate areas of it that allow us to expand our consciousness and sense of perception.

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In 2020 he decided to start sharing more about these experiences and created a new series of videos called ‘Sharing Thoughts’ in which he openly talks about his journey with the intention of bringing more awareness for others in their own personal and individual process of spiritual awakening.